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About Beanbag Central

Laughing is the best way to keep a level head during the different ups and downs in your life. Beanbag Central is proud to play its part in eliciting a few laughs out of you and have you on your feet in no time at all. Beanbag Central is home to many popular cartoons from around the world including several of the classics.

Humour goes a long way in helping you overcome any obstacle that life puts in your path.  Iconic cartoons like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, Dilbert have been amusing people for several years. Interestingly, they also make the readers think besides tickling their funny bone. The connect between real life and comics is one of the reasons why they are so popular. People, who do not like to read much, get their daily dose of comics from Beanbag Central to start their day off with a huge laugh.

The staff at Beanbag central pours through comics from different parts of the world to make sure that you have plenty f material available at your fingertips. The Family Circus is a huge hit with young families since they relate to most of the situations that are described in the comic strips. Dilbert is a huge success among the office going crowd as each comic strip related to them with their daily office life routine.

Collector Items

Serious comic book readers are also into collecting plenty of comic merchandise.  Beanbag Central has tie-ups with several vendors to bring the latest comic merchandise to your doorstep. You never know, they might be a fortune after several years. There have been several instances of unboxed comic action figures being sold at atrocious sums after over ten years. Several people have made a fortune by storing comic memorabilia in their storage rooms and selling them when the going gets tough. Interestingly, these collector items have even helped many collectors get through college this way.

Stepping Stone For New Comic Creators

Bean bag Central is proud to play a leading hand in giving new and upcoming comic creators a chance to share their comic strips with a wider audience. This way they are able to perfect their art as they learn how to portray their characters better and tell a whole joke or a story within a few comic panels.  Beanbag has experienced comic creators on board who are happy to guide the newbies during the uphill route of finding success as a comic creator.  Create an account today if you are an aspiring comic creator.

Beanbag Central has also been keeping up with the times by introducing its app which delivers the latest laugh of the day straight to our subscribers’ phones. No matter where you are, Beanbag Central has a way to make you smile every single day!

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